We have experience helping students and young professionals grow in their personal and professional lives. Young professionals navigate increasing responsibilities at work, while also managing life transitions such as dating, marriage, parenthood, and losses. They may describe feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or depressed.

Undergraduate and graduate students face challenges such as relocating, adjusting to new academic programs, establishing new friendships, and achieving work/life balance. In spite of a track record of past achievements, students may find themselves underperforming, having difficulties with focus, and experiencing anxiety.

In our work, we integrate current research and traditional approaches to assist clients in reducing distress and realigning their lives according to personal values. Many of our clients benefit from learning specific skills for stress management and interpersonal effectiveness. Others explore bigger-picture issues related to clarifying values and finding a sense of purpose.

In addition, when indicated and with the student's permission, we are open to contacting professors, deans, and other offices within the university systems to advocate for students.

Dr. Belviso

Dr. Belviso has worked as a psychotherapist at the counseling centers of Northwestern University and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). He has offered workshops on peak performance enhancement, emotional intelligence, and stress management. He has led a group therapy program for Law and Medical School students at Northwestern University.

Having counseled students over the last decade, he is familiar with the opportunities and challenges of university life. In addition, he has assisted LGBTQ students and young professionals in negotiating the coming out process.

Dr. Macy

Dr. Macy has experience assisting college and graduate students in the university setting. At the counseling centers of Northwestern University and the University of Illinois, Dr. Macy has helped medical students, law students, and other graduate students navigate career concerns, cultivate work-life balance, and practice self-care. He has experience in mindfulness and stress reduction techniques for performance anxiety, and values-exploration.

Utilizing a holistic and individualized approach, Dr. Macy is sensitive to students' challenges of managing the many responsibilities of graduate school while maintaining relationships, coping with distance from primary support systems, and making difficult decisions regarding academic and employment opportunities.

In addition, Dr. Macy has a specific interest in helping students navigate cross-cultural issues, including experiences of discrimination and marginalization that may be inherent within the higher education setting.

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